More Known by Heart Poetry Posters Available for Free Download

There’s a new crop of poetry posters available on the Known by Heart website.

These posters feature poems by participants in a long-time poetry class at Ebenezer. Available for the first time in digital format.

Of course, each poem, each poster, each poet has a unique story. Look for future posts to touch on some of those, as well as opportunities to use these posters as ways to inspire your own words.

Meanwhile, check out the free downloadable posters here.

Big gratitude to our funders (see below)  and partners, and particularly for these Ebenezer poems to the writers, family members, staff,  Pat Samples and everyone at Ebenezer who all inspire such a creative community.

2018 Funders and Partners


Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library

Hamline Midway Elders

Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation

Seal Hi-Rise/Saint Paul Public Housing Authority

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors

Trillium Family Foundation


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