Check out this video about Known by Heart

Big thanks to Independent Filmmaker Project MN and their youth program Juice Media for creating this piece about Known by Heart:

Special thanks to Hunter, Lizzie and Deacon for sharing their talents to help Known by Heart tell its story.

4 thoughts on “Check out this video about Known by Heart

  1. Hi, This seems like it will work well for explaining the main work that you’re doing with seniors. I wish I could have heard the woman (main participant/interviewee, forgot her name already) read her excerpt but it was pretty much drowned out by the music soundtrack. Of course, I’d rather hear some poetry along with the program content, but I don’t suppose I’m representative of the target audience for the video. It seems quite professional in terms of production values. Cheers! Scott

  2. Oh wow, Naomi ! Thanks so much for sharing the video with me ! It came out really well… even that old lady you got to talk sounded OK !

    Would it be OK if I share this with my Facebook friends ? I would love to share the awesomeness of “Known by Heart” with the friends who are dear to me.

    Hoping your summer is going well. Call me if I can into anything with you !

    Thanks again. Juliann

    • Of course! Please share…and thanks so much for making it a success with your words and presence!

      FYI-It’s also now up on my website’s main page…

      Thank you!

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